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Mum’s Lounge – Meet the real women of Australia!

Mum’s Lounge is one of Australia’s premier digital lifestyle magazines for today’s busy mums. At mmg, we recognise that motherhood doesn’t define a woman; it’s only part of being a woman.

So Mum’s Lounge isn’t merely a blog; it’s an important on-line magazine that recognises the varied attributes of being both a parent AND a woman. We talk to our mums and they talk back. They also talk to each other making Mum’s Lounge a powerful platform for a female demographic that are household decision makers, the main grocery buyers, child carers and business women; both inside and outside the home.


Mum’s Lounge is THE digital lifestyle mag for busy mums. Mum’s Lounge isn’t a blog or simply a website, it’s an online mag that inspires, informs, motivates and entertains. It shares peer advice and encourages interaction. It talks to mums and often they talk back. That’s powerful!

Mum’s Lounge recognises motherhood isn’t a single definition anymore. There are career mums, mumprenuiers or stay at home mums etc, but the one thing that defines them all is that they busy, and often time-poor women that love to hear about things that make their lives easier and better! Mum’s Lounge content gives them what they want, when they want it and in a tone that they can relate to. Our audience loves us for this!

With +200 writers, a huge diversity of relevant topics delivered with content that resonates with our audience through web, social media and email platforms, Mum’s Lounge is a highly effective influencer in the Mums with Kids and Women 25+ demographics.

Audience Stats

Website average monthly stats

  • 270k+ unique page views per month
  • 175k+ average unique web audience per month
  • 42K+ eNews subscribers

Facebook average monthly stats

  • 230k+ Facebook followers
    • +9.4 Mil average Facebook reach/month
    • +1 Mil average engagement/month
    • +200k talking about Mum’s Lounge monthly

Video average video stats

  • +128k Facebook users will watch video content until the end
  • +3 Mil will watch for over 3 seconds
  • +700k will watch for over 30 seconds
  • +500k will re-watch video content
  • +185k click to play our videos

Audience Demographics

  • 33% stay at home mums
  • 48% work full or part time
  • 78% are major household decision makers
  • 48% have a dog
  • 51% buy groceries several times a week
  • 73% purchase major household items based on brand research / peer advice