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If you are targeting mums with kids, women, primary grocery buyers, household decision makers, home owners, parents at work and lovers of style then you need to be including mmg in your briefs – it delivers!

Tens of thousands of women log on to at least one mmg channel every single day; women looking for fashion & beauty inspiration, brides wanting to plan their most special day, mums seeking pregnancy & parenting advice, homeowners sourcing help and inspiration, grocery buyers finding new products, women wanting to feel like women (not just someones Mum) and women deciding to up-skill, go back to work, or start their own business. We regularly see our audience commenting in articles or liking and sharing them within their networks – that’s powerful audience engagement and your brand can be a part of that!

mmg audiences are opted-in and ready to hear messages from advertisers provided they are relevant and presented in a way that resonates with them. That’s where mmg comes in. We know how to talk to our audience to influence actions and we love to be briefed with advertising objectives and goals so we can recommend tailored campaign ideas that will best engage and motivate our audience…and deliver strong results our advertisers.

Some of the key ways we work with advertisers are:

Editorials – always review based and a tone that resonates.

Group Product Reviews – this is Word of Mouth advertising at its best!

Surveys and Competitions – find out exactly what our mums-women think

Vlogging – is the way women want to learn about your product!

View some campaign examples on the home page in ‘advertisers we’ve worked with’ 

Of course we have simple lead in advertising options available too such as Casual eNews Spots and Social Media Shout Outs 

We love campaigns that enable us to come up with concepts to creatively talk to our audience and effectively drive them to you, that’s what we are all about!

Our total audience is 97% female and each of our digital mags has an audience following from key and niche female demographic sub-sets. If the short content and target audience description interests you, click the brand name to go through to the website and take a good look around…and you can also review the many, many advertising campaigns we do with big brands through to small businesses, we have the solutions for all.

mums lounge  is Australia’s lifestyle mag for mums with kids
go ask mum is all about pregnant women and early childhood mums, a highly niche market that you can reach with little wastage!


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