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mmg is one of Australia’s fastest growing digital magazine style influencers because our two on-line mags are designed to embrace an avid audience of women aged 18 – 50+ that are predominantly mums with kids, but at mmg we recognise mums are women too and we talk to them in our two Parenting Mags in both mind-sets (the Mum, the Woman).

We are extremely proud of our journey and our Women of Australia audience. We really care about our audience (we call them members; they do not pay subscriptions or the like, but we respect them like they do!) and we never lose sight of our core editorial value that is to provide women information they want, when they want it and how they like to hear it. And our audiences love us for it!

With a total unique audience of +750,000 women (645,000 per month across Parenting mags) we know we are resonating with the Women of Australia and they remain actively opted in as mmg has always understood what they need, and given it to them easily, regularly, reliably and honestly. They trust that we will never sensationalise, permit or encourage judgement, or the idea of being perfect. They trust what we say when we talk about stuff in editorials because we relate to them as most of our writing team are mums themselves, and all of them women.

We’d rather show you our brands than talk about them! If the short content description interests you, click the brand name to go through to the website and take a good look around.

mums lounge  is one of Australia’s premier digital lifestyle magazines for today’s busy Mums. Motherhood doesn’t define a woman; it’s only part of being a woman and Mum’s Lounge provides information, inspiration and entertainment for the mum AND the woman.

go ask mum is a community of pregnant women and early childhood mums sharing opinions and asking questions with other mums ready to help by offering support and advice that will make their lives with children easier.

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