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Everyone knows that if you have a problem, you ‘Go Ask Mum’. Now there is an entire hands-on community of mums ready to help.  The GAM community is for pregnant and early childhood mums with other mums ready to help with sharing opinions, asking questions, offering support, providing information – this is a close-knit community seeking advice, services and products that will make their lives with children easier.

For Brands and products targeting pregnant and new mums, this is a pure audience demographic with little or no ‘wastage’ on your marketing spend!

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Go Ask Mum is THE digital forum mag for today’s pregnant and early childhood mums. It recognises that the needs of pregnant women and mums with preschool kids are very different to the needs of mums with older kids. It’s a forum-style digital mag that’s very specific to pregnant and early-childhood mums (the primary decision maker in up to 80% of households and the key purchasers of baby and childcare related products). It’s monitored by other mums who can provide real-time assistance to regular and new vistors covering a huge diversity of relevant topics delivered through web, social media and email platforms. Whether it’s pregnancy, childbirth, babies, childcare or early childhood development …..Go Ask Mum has over 150 structured categories that support parents who have questions. Our audience loves Go Ask Mum. They are primarily pregnant mums and mums with kids aged 0-5 and highly engaged both on-site and via social media. They check-in regularly to ask and answer questions and they want to be informed on relevant products and services.

Audience Stats

Website average monthly stats

  • 115k+ average unique web audience
  • 130k+ average unique page views
  • 27k+ eNews subscribers

Facebook average monthly stats

  • 97k+ Facebook followers
    • +3 Mil average Facebook reach
    • +800k average engagement
    • 60k talking about Mums Lounge

Video average video stats

  • +27k Facebook users will watch video content until the end
  • +900k will watch for over 3 seconds
  • +164k will watch for over 30 seconds
  • +177k will re-watch video content
  • +39k click to play our videos

Audience Demographics

  • 33% stay at home mums
  • 48% work full or part time
  • 78% are major household decision makers
  • 48% have a dog
  • 51% buy groceries several times a week
  • 73% purchase major household items based on brand research / peer advice